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1 the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive [syn: luxury, sumptuosity, sumptuousness]
2 excessive spending [syn: extravagance, prodigality, highlife, high life]

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  1. The property of being lavish.
    No one could question the lavishness of his parties, the good taste was a different matter.

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Babylonian splendor, abundance, affluence, ample sufficiency, ampleness, amplitude, avalanche, bonanza, bountifulness, bountiousness, brilliance, bumper crop, carpe diem, conspicuous consumption, copiousness, deluge, dissipation, elaborateness, elegance, embarras de richesses, enough, extravagance, extravagancy, exuberance, fertility, flood, flow, foison, full measure, fullness, generosity, generousness, glory, gorgeousness, grandeur, grandiosity, grandness, great abundance, great plenty, gush, imposingness, impressiveness, incontinence, intemperance, inundation, landslide, leaking purse, liberality, liberalness, loose purse strings, lots, luxuriance, luxuriousness, luxury, magnificence, majesty, maximum, money to burn, more than enough, much, myriad, myriads, nobility, numerousness, opulence, opulency, outpouring, overabundance, overaccumulation, overbounteousness, overcopiousness, overdoing, overdose, overflow, overgenerosity, overgenerousness, overlavishness, overliberality, overluxuriance, overmeasure, overmuchness, overnumerousness, overplentifulness, overplenty, overpopulation, overprofusion, oversufficiency, oversupply, plenitude, plenteousness, plentifulness, plenty, plethora, plushness, poshness, pound-foolishness, prevalence, prodigality, productiveness, profligacy, profuseness, profusion, proudness, quantities, reckless expenditure, reckless spending, redundancy, repleteness, repletion, resplendence, rich harvest, rich vein, richness, riot, riotousness, ritziness, scads, shower, spate, splendidness, splendiferousness, splendor, squander, squandering, squandermania, state, stateliness, stream, substantiality, substantialness, sumptuousness, superabundance, superflux, teemingness, waste, wastefulness, wealth
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